November 9

Window and Mirror Books

There are two types of books in the world. A window book and a mirror book. A window book is where someone reads about a different life or story through the book. A mirror book is where someone reads about a story or life that is similar to their own. The book I am currently reading is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J K Rowling. This book is a window for me because I am not a witch or wizard and the world I live in is not magical. Also, in the book, Harry Potter and his friends are Apparating (teleporting) to different places in Britain because they are trying to not get captured and killed by Voldemort. I have never experienced teleporting or have had a bounty over my head. I don’t think the story in my book has any similarities to my life. My book is completely a window to me.

October 29

My Backpack

In the book, Finding Someplace, by Denise Lewis Patrick, Reesie, the main character, brought a backpack during hurricane Katrina and put in an envelope with important papers with her when she left her house because Parraine, her uncle, was going to pick her up to evacuate New Orleans and Reesie’s aunt, Charmaine, told her to not bring everything, only the important things. Later, she put in a picture of Ms. Martine, an elderly neighbor who made awesome cakes, and the book Ms. Martine wrote, Woman Everlasting, when she went to Ms. Martine’s house. Initially, her plan was to go to Ms. Martine’s house to pick up her cake for her birthday, help Ms. Martine put her plants inside, and then get picked up by Parraine. Things didn’t go to plan and she ended up staying in Ms. Martine’s house during the hurricane. Then, later in the story, her backpack was taken from her. Reesie ended up not having anything that was in her backpack. I like what Reesie put in her backpack and if I ever had to evacuate my house and not know when I could come back, this is what I would have put in my backpack. 

I would have put many essential items and some items for entertainment. I would have a water bottle, a bag of clothes, a blanket, and a pillow if I get cold. Then, I would put in a lighter and some matches to keep me even warmer. Plus, I added a Swiss Army knife and a multipurpose hammer. Next, I put in a phone to contact people and some paper money if I need to buy something and credit cards aren’t accepted. I added a book for entertainment and some food too. This connects to Finding Someplace because Reesie also put a book in her backpack, but I know the reasons why are very different. My food consists of some beef jerky and some Hershey’s bars because chocolate will keep you warm. This is what I would put in my backpack if something bad ever happened or if I ever needed to evacuate my house.