June 2

Language Arts Talk


About two weeks ago, we started a new project. It was kind of like a TED-like talk and we would talk about something we were interested in and we would make a presentation out of it. Then we would present it to the class. The talk would be around 5 minutes long. I was very nervous at first because talking and all that… The topic I chose was reverse psychology. I’ve always thought reverse psychology was really interesting (probably because manipulation is fun) but I never really dug deeper and see why it works. I learned a lot of new things and really enjoyed the experience. We first watched a bunch of TED talks to inspire us and to show us what they were. Then we made a skeleton of what we wanted to talk about. We would type in our topic, images we might want to use, and what subtopics of that topic we wanted to talk about. Then we were able to start it. Later our teacher gave us a checklist to improve our talk a little more. I made my talk in Google Slides and researched my topic using lots of websites. Then it was finally my turn to present. I talked about my topic and it seemed to go pretty well. I don’t know.

May 31

Tree Books

Some time ago, we started to make these tree books. They were basically a book made of cardboard and cardstock with some writing inside. We did this will a person called Peg Gignoux. First, we took some flat pieces of cardboard and we stamped words randomly over them in different colors. After that, we cut out our tree for the outer covers of the book. Then we painted some card stock blue and folded it into the pages. After that, we glued the covers of the book to the pages and created the frame for the tree book. We cut some other things out of paper like trees and plants and glued them in as well. The writing inside of the tree books was a wish-list of things you wanted to do in your life, a paragraph about a person you appreciate, and a poem about when Covid will end.  We called them life lists, When This is Over, and Salute to my Roots. After we finished writing these, we printed them out and glued them inside our books. Then we added a bit more decoration and they were done. They were displayed in the Frank Gallery last Saturday and I saw some of my friends there too. I looked at some of my friends’ tree books and thought they were all pretty good. Overall, I think making the tree books was very fun and enjoyable.

May 18


Our language arts class has been doing a stock simulation for around two months. We started on March 14, 2022, and we set up a spreadsheet to track how much we earned each week. In the simulation, we were each given $20k to spend on stock shares. The companies I invested in were Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, T-Mobile, Google, and Tesla. I chose these companies because I knew they were famous companies and I didn’t really have a lot of experience in stocks. We would check in on our stocks each week and write down how much we gained or lost and the date on an index card. For most of the weeks, my stocks were gaining but the week that we were told to sell the stocks, all of my stocks had dropped from last week and I had lost $3522.32. We sold our stocks on May 12, 2022.

I learned how the stock market worked and got more experience with stocks over the weeks. It was fun watching the stocks drop or gain every week. Picking the companies I wanted to invest in was also enjoyable. I learned that stocks fluctuate a lot even minute by minute and sometimes I check the stock price and in like a minute, the stocks rise again. This experience was very fun and I enjoyed it very much.

April 1

The Hobbit

I recommend the book, The Hobbit. This is a story about the adventure that Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf companions have as they journey across lands to steal back what was once the wonderful treasure of the dwarves from the evil dragon Smaug. If you like a story jam-packed with fantasy, mythical beings, and adventure, this is the book for you! This book is a prequel of the infamous Lord of the Rings series that I am currently reading. I personally like this book because I like fantasy creatures and adventure books. I also like how much the character changes throughout the book. Going from someone who always goes out with a handkerchief to a more adventurous and outgoing person.

The book I am currently reading is The Fellowship of the Ring. This is the first book of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. This book is about Bilbo’s nephew Frodo and the adventure he goes on with his hobbit friends and a mysterious stranger who goes by the name of Strider. Frodo is traveling across Middle-earth in order to destroy the One Ring that the Dark Lord Sauron seeks by throwing it into the Cracks of Doom.

February 5

Wisdom Tales

First of all, what are wisdom tales? Wisdom tales are short folktales from many different parts of the world and they all have morals. This year, my LA class read many different wisdom tales and at the end of the unit, we made a comic of one of the wisdom tales. I chose Old Dog and Coyote. It is about a dog who doesn’t get fed because a farmer found him sleeping next to a chicken pen when he was supposed to be guarding it. The dog wanders off in search of food and finds a coyote that is trying to jump over a cactus because he thinks he is the best jumper in the world. The coyote jumps and gets stabbed with all the cactus’ prickly thorns. The dog helps him get the thorns out and the coyote thanks him and says that he is very kind and good. The dog says back that he is not good, he is useless and can’t even guard chickens and now my owner won’t feed me. The coyote thought up an idea. The coyote would pretend to be attacking the chickens and the dog would scare him off. They carried out the plan and the dog got food. I chose this story because I like the moral of the story and also think it is kind of funny that the coyote thinks he can jump over the cactus. When I drew my comic, I used Sketchbook to draw the scenes and I put them all together in ComicLife3. My favorite part about my comic isn’t the dog, isn’t the coyote, isn’t the cactus, it’s the chickens. I drew my chickens like circles with eyes and a mouth and they just look like little balls of fluff. I also think that this is kind of funny because the chickens are just minor characters, even less than minor characters. I got to get going now, bye!

January 19


I live in North Carolina and it doesn’t usually snow here so I was pretty happy when it snowed twice this year. It snowed once on Jan 3 and once on Jan 16. The first time it snowed this year, it melted pretty quickly so I didn’t enjoy it a lot. I just stayed inside and kept warm. The second time it snowed was two days ago. This time it snowed a lot more and there is still snow outside today. My brother and I built a tiny snowman outside two days ago and it turned to ice pretty quickly. It’s still alive and standing but its eye, nose, hat, and two buttons fell off. Since it usually doesn’t snow here, we got rid of our old snow shovel that we used in Michigan (it snows there a lot) when we moved to NC. That left us to use a regular shovel that you use to dig holes in the ground to shovel some of the snow out of our driveway. I was sure the scraping sound against the concrete was going to make me go deaf. On the day after it snowed, the snow pretty much all turned to ice. Some of our neighbors just let snow/ice melt but that would take a long time for us because the front of our house faces away from the sun. The snow was fun to play with and I hope it snows again soon. (Just not like 30 inches or a blizzard.) Here is a picture of the snowman my brother and I built:

December 3

A Daily Habit

In my Language Arts class, we have a daily habit that we do every day. That daily habit was planking. The plan was to plank every LA class we had together and do it outside of class as well. We would begin with 30 seconds and add 15 seconds every week. This is called a compound effect. I think that the compound effect was a good idea because it would let us get stronger slowly over time. If we hadn’t used the compound effect, half of the class would probably have collapsed on the first day.

We started to plank on September 13, 2021, which also happens to be my birthday! 🥳 I discovered that in the beginning, planking for 1 minute was kind of hard but then at the end, we were planking for more than 3 minutes and when I was at the 1 minute mark, it was really easy. Sometimes, we don’t have LA and we are supposed to plank every day. Mostly on those days, I would either forget to plank or remember but not feel like it. I eventually would remember to plank but I would still sometimes not feel like planking even though I remembered to. On November 23, we finished planking and we had a challenge to try and plank as long as we could. I predicted that we could plank for 15 minutes, some people were kind of skeptical of that. We did this assignment at home and I did end up getting 15 minutes! Here is a screenshot of my time:

After we finished that, we also had another assignment which was to pick a new daily habit to do for the rest of the year. I chose to do 20 pushups everyday. I chose 20 because I could already do 15 fairly well and I wanted to get better at doing pushups. If I end up thinking that 20 is too easy, I will increase the amount by 5. In the end, I learned that the compound effect is very helpful and I will continue to do 20 pushups, hopefully to the end of the year!

 Do you have any daily habits? Let me know!

November 9

Window and Mirror Books

There are two types of books in the world. A window book and a mirror book. A window book is where someone reads about a different life or story through the book. A mirror book is where someone reads about a story or life that is similar to their own. The book I am currently reading is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J K Rowling. This book is a window for me because I am not a witch or wizard and the world I live in is not magical. Also, in the book, Harry Potter and his friends are Apparating (teleporting) to different places in Britain because they are trying to not get captured and killed by Voldemort. I have never experienced teleporting or have had a bounty over my head. I don’t think the story in my book has any similarities to my life. My book is completely a window to me.

October 29

My Backpack

In the book, Finding Someplace, by Denise Lewis Patrick, Reesie, the main character, brought a backpack during hurricane Katrina and put in an envelope with important papers with her when she left her house because Parraine, her uncle, was going to pick her up to evacuate New Orleans and Reesie’s aunt, Charmaine, told her to not bring everything, only the important things. Later, she put in a picture of Ms. Martine, an elderly neighbor who made awesome cakes, and the book Ms. Martine wrote, Woman Everlasting, when she went to Ms. Martine’s house. Initially, her plan was to go to Ms. Martine’s house to pick up her cake for her birthday, help Ms. Martine put her plants inside, and then get picked up by Parraine. Things didn’t go to plan and she ended up staying in Ms. Martine’s house during the hurricane. Then, later in the story, her backpack was taken from her. Reesie ended up not having anything that was in her backpack. I like what Reesie put in her backpack and if I ever had to evacuate my house and not know when I could come back, this is what I would have put in my backpack. 

I would have put many essential items and some items for entertainment. I would have a water bottle, a bag of clothes, a blanket, and a pillow if I get cold. Then, I would put in a lighter and some matches to keep me even warmer. Plus, I added a Swiss Army knife and a multipurpose hammer. Next, I put in a phone to contact people and some paper money if I need to buy something and credit cards aren’t accepted. I added a book for entertainment and some food too. This connects to Finding Someplace because Reesie also put a book in her backpack, but I know the reasons why are very different. My food consists of some beef jerky and some Hershey’s bars because chocolate will keep you warm. This is what I would put in my backpack if something bad ever happened or if I ever needed to evacuate my house.